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Constitución 2021



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Constitución 2021 is conformed by a transdisciplinar team to support the constitutional process Chile is going through.
We work together using design thinking framing and methodologies, to simplify the information about de constitutional process through information design and informative capsules, and delivering in through different platforms.

You can find us in our Instagram and Facebook.


I founded this project in November 2019, a few weeks after the social outbreak, from the need to have realiable information about the process we were living in Chile. 

I put to practice all my knowledge and passion to make it happen, and today we are a team of 20 people, we have collaborate with 16 organizations (civic society and universities), and we have become a foundation. 

I conducted the strategic planning of the organization, designed the graphic identity, co-create the organigram, interviewed volunteers, managed an internship, design the website, applied to grants, and more. 

Check some of the work I did here!

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