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Computer Communications System
Félix Bulnes Cerda Hospital
Gestión Unidad Sistema Informático de Co


On April 2020, the hospital moved to the new building, after 10 years waiting to have a new home. The new hospital was concessioned, which meant an importante shift in the internal culture, where politicals views on it were in tensions.

I was hired to help in this transition, and became part of the new Department of Concessions of the hospital. I had to learn about the concession contract, and map out the pain points it had between the three main stakeholders: the hospital, the concession society (and its operators), and the inspector (representing the Ministry of Public Works).


The main communication system is the Computer Communications System, which was the shared platform to oversee the contract. Here, my role was to support this new culture and the CCS; through workshops, brouchures, informative capsules shared through Whatsapp, trainings, and others. 

My work and interventions within the hospital, helped functionaries to understand and use the platform in the right way, learn more about the concession contract, and improved their performance in 3 months, from a 20% at the begging, to 56%.

Let's talk if you'd like to know more about my experience.

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CCS PROCESS (in Spanish)


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