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Sexual Health Education for Latinxs Parents



Parents are at the forefront of a person’s sexual health education, which impacts our entire lives. Sexual health education is more than the prevention of a disease and unplanned pregnancies. It is also about gender roles, sexual curiosity, emotional intelligence, self esteem, consent, and respecting yours as well as and others sexuality. The lack of or poor communication about these issues between parents and their children has a lasting impact on a child’s sexual development. This is especially acute in the Latinx community, which suffers from some of the highest rates of HIV, STDs, and unplanned teenage pregnancies. Through service design, I used empathetic strategy to ideate advocacy tools for sexual health education to foster conversations between Latinx parents and their young children, focusing on age groups 0 to 5 years old.

Designing parent’s experience as sex educators through advocacy tools

In the experience of parents as sex educators, the following tools support the system to give self advocacy to parents when talking about sexual health with their young children.

Parent's experience.jpg


Applied system and design thinking about Sexual Health, a topic considered taboo.
Successfully developed a game that can be used among parents and caregivers.

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