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Poetics of Dying and Care


Healthcare Studio, Parsons at The New School. Educational toolkit to teach medical practitioners how to have honest and open conversations about end of life, through role playing and analysis of their own language.

The work was done in collaboration with Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital.

TEAM: Jenny Liu, Naoki Hashimoto



World Café

Unpack in groups “How Might We” questions in 10-min rotating sessions.

Research tools: Systems mapping and Wheel of Reasoning*.

Participants: Doctors, nurses, caregivers, patients, and design strategists.


Video Ethnography Focus Groups

A viewing of clips from the “End of Life” video ethnography lm followed by
a deconstructed script exercise for participants to design an ideal medical conversation scenario.

Research tools: Storyboarding, Journey Mapping.

participants: Patients, nurses, and caregivers.

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